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Black Dog LED Labs

About BDL Labs

Black Dog LED is committed to research and science, not marketing hype. We believe that this philosophy has allowed us to create the best possible plant grow lights, bar none. To ensure that we continue to push the limits, we are constantly doing research and development, and we feel that sharing much of what we find is one way we can give back to the community of indoor gardening enthusiasts.

This section of our web site, Black Dog LED Labs (BDL Labs), is where we will share our research findings with anyone who cares to learn more about indoor gardening. Although we specialize in lighting, we are still gardeners just like you, so sometimes the topics may cover the overall science of indoor horticulture. We know that lighting is an integral part of plant health, but we also know that the best light can’t help a garden lacking in other areas.

We hope you enjoy the information found on these pages, and we welcome any feedback or requests for additional information you would like to see us cover.