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The BD450-U has been discontinued, replaced by the all-new PhytoMAX-2 400, which draws even less electrical power but gives 75% more light!

The Universal Series BD450-U contains 180 High Power 5w LEDs, drawing 450 actual watts! The BD450-U more than replaces a 600w HPS or MH, producing a superior quality and quantity yield without wasting energy on heat or unusable light. The BD450-U also saves on electrical, cooling, and bulb replacement costs. Black Dog LED lights do not contain any highly toxic mercury, unlike all other HID and CFL bulbs. Free Close Quarters Brackets - see below under Details.

The new PhytoMAX-2 400 incorporates the latest in LED technology for even better efficiency, a quieter, more efficient cooling system, and covers a 4.25' flowering footprint while using 30 less watts of power!