July 2012

  1. LED is Earth Friendly

    LED is Earth Friendly
    Our energy saving and eco friendly grow lights are the smarter choice. They use 90% of their electrical energy to produce useable light energy. Compare this to HIDs, which only use 25% of their energy for light, with the other 75% going to heat. Our powerful LED grow lights reduce the need for cooling equipment and create huge savings in...
  2. Tomato and Hibiscus Time Lapse

    Tomato and Hibiscus Time Lapse
    In this video you will see a Black Dog LED grow light over a Celebrity and Sweet tomato plants for one month with a Hibiscus flowering in the background. This was a time-lapse to show just what our lights are capable of! Boulder Hydroponics was nice enough to let us put a camera in their shop so we could record...

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