April 2015

  1. 2015 Cannabis Cup

    2015 Cannabis Cup
    At this year's Cannabis Cup, Black Dog LED's booth was a fullĀ­-immersion experience. Not only were our lights on display for live demos, but our booth was filled with live Cannabis grown exclusively under our LED lights. We invited all attendees to step into the booth and touch, smell, and feel the results achieved from the most proven LED grow...
  2. The Ultimate Indoor Garden

    The Ultimate Indoor Garden
    The garden in the Black Dog LED showroom is possibly the best example of a high quality, well-designed indoor garden you will find in the country. The garden is an excellent way to see our grow lights in action and see plants that have been grown exclusively under our plant lights for years. We are able to grow and fruit...
  3. Green Flu Advisory!

    Green Flu Advisory!
    National Advisory! Please be advised there is an epidemic of The Green Flu being reported nationwide! Symptoms of Green Flu can be mild and almost unnoticeable, with the most dangerous being to employers who have employees that are not able to work. Note that Green Flu is highly contagious and one strange phenomenon is most people display symptoms only on...

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