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3-way Side-by-side Grow Test: PhytoMAX-2 600, PhytoMAX-2 1000 and Kind K5-XL1000

We did a side-by-side grow test to show how different light intensities and different spectrums affect your final harvest. We often get questions about what light should be used in a 4x4 foot space, and this test shows how light intensity affects yield.

In one room we set up 3 4x4 foot bays with the only difference being the light. Each bay had 2 plants of 'Mandarin Cookies' and 2 of 'Rainmaker' all cloned from the same mother plant. One bay was lit by the PhytoMAX-2 1000, another by the PhytoMAX-2 600, and the last by the Kind K5 XL1000. After the harvest, we had a laboratory test the strains from each light to see the affect on potency.

The results were quite revealing! The PhytoMAX-2 1000 had more than double the yield, 39% higher potency and cost almost half as much per gram as the Kind K5-XL1000.

One thought on “3-way Side-by-side Grow Test: PhytoMAX-2 600, PhytoMAX-2 1000 and Kind K5-XL1000”

  • MIke

    It is funny to see a light get it's ass kicked when that all the 'reviewers' that plug amazon price links on their 'official' review pages. The best part is that they act like the Kind is some sort of a beast of a light and in all reality, I've had a Viparspecta outperform a Kind....I'm white knuckling it with my credit already and can't just buy one of your lights but I damn well would if I could afford it. Your company does one thing that NO ONE else does. You provide VISUAL PROOF of what the phytomax 2's are capable of and that's awesome

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