On Saturday, March 21st Black Dog LED will host its third workshop:

Flowering Cannabis - From Flip to Finish

Come learn everything you need to know to get your first crop through flower.

Vegging plants is one thing, but the flowering process requires a different set of knowledge and expertise. At this free workshop you will learn about:

  • When plants are ready to go into flower
  • What to-do and what not-to-do before and during flower
  • Understand light cycles and how they affect flowering
  • Caring for your plants during the flower cycle
  • Nutrient, flushing, environmental concerns (temperatures, H2O temperatures, mixing, finishers, etc.)
  • When and how to prune during flower, and when not to
  • Keeping an eye out for disease and pests and what to do if you find them
  • Staking of plants to increase yield (includes discussion about nets and yo-yos)
  • Knowing when flower is done and it is time to harvest!

Black Dog will be giving away nutrient sample packs to attendees while supplies last.

The workshop is free of charge. Space is limited, first come, first served. Students must be 21 or have a valid CO red card to attend.

Workshop Start Time: 1:00pm Mountain Time, Saturday March 21st.

Workshop End Time: 3:00pm

Location: 2805 Wilderness Pl, Suite 100, Boulder CO, 80301 (located in the same building as Community Cycles behind the Boulder Beer Company)

For questions about the event call: 720-420-1209