On Saturday, January 17th Black Dog LED will host its third workshop:

Giving Your Outdoor Vegetable Garden the Best Possible Start Indoors

Growing an outdoor vegetable garden over the summer can be incredibly rewarding and can provide you and your family with the freshest, healthiest and tastiest produce possible. To maximize the growing season and get the most out of your summer garden, this seminar will cover tips and tricks on getting a head-start by starting your plants indoors. Topics will include:

  • What vegetables you should start indoors and which you shouldn't
    • Some vegetables do better if they aren't started indoors
  • When to plant seeds for each type of plant
    • Some plants don't do well if kept in pots too long; others need the extra head-start
  • How to grow the best starts indoors
    • Lighting
    • Re-potting
    • Environmental conditions
  • Grow more-vigorous, disease-resistant tomatoes, peppers and eggplants with grafting (even heirloom varieties!)
    • How grafting works
    • Hands-on tomato grafting workshop: take home your very own grafted tomato plant!
    • Special considerations when planting grafting plants
  • Planting your starts outdoors
    • Hardening-off
    • Timing
    • Tips and tricks

The workshop is free of charge. Space is limited, first come, first served.

Workshop Start Time: 1:30pm Mountain Time, Saturday January 17th.

Workshop End Time: 3:00pm

Location: 2805 Wilderness Pl, Suite 100, Boulder CO, 80301 (located in the same building as Community Cycles behind the Boulder Beer Company)

For questions about the event call: 720-420-1209