On the weekend of November 11, 2015 Black Dog LED attended the Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. BDL founder and owner Corey Drew was approached by a Las Vegas newspaper to learn more about the company.

The reporter was drawn to the Black Dog LED booth by the new PhytoMAX 1000 LED grow light on display. The reporter wrote, "Black Dog LED's grow light stood out like a beaming purple beacon. It was bright, it was unusual, and company founder Cory Drew said it worked on many levels."

Corey went on to explain the five years of research and development that makes the PhytoMAX 1000 the most commercially-viable LED grow light on the market.

Read the full story here: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/pot-news/business-types-replace-stoners-pot-turns-over-new-leaf