Black Dog LED Founder/Owner Corey Drew, in his second interview for The Adam Dunn Show chats about LED grow lights in the episode "All About Grow Lights".

Boulder, Colorado Oct 1, 2014- Corey Drew, Founder of Black Dog LED, was interviewed on The Adam Dunn Show on iCannabisRadio.

Drew, and hosts Mitch and Adam discuss LED grow lights and how they compare to other plant grow lights. "Just because a plant will survive under a light, does not make it a grow light," comments Drew. Other topics examined why lumens and CRI are not good ways to compare grow lights, and how PAR is an outdated and easy-to-manipulate measurement system. The light spectrum produced by high pressure sodium, metal halide and LEDs was discussed, and Drew points out that Black Dog's light spectrum has deeper blue than metal halide (all the way to UV) and all the red of HPS light, without the wasted heat of true IR (infrared). At the culmination of the interview, Drew invites all other grow lights to a "toe to toe, watt per watt" challenge. As one participant said, "(the) gauntlet has been thrown."