Black Dog LED Founder/Owner Corey Drew interviewed on The Adam Dunn Show about the benefits of using LED grow lights.

Boulder, CO July 23, 2014- Corey Drew, founder of Black Dog LED, was interviewed on The Adam Dunn Show on iCannabisRadio. Dunn, who was previously skeptical of using LED lights, said he was 'suitably impressed' by the Black Dog LED products. He commented, "Five years ago we said, 'it will be here in five years.' And here it is."

Dunn and Drew talked about the many benefits of using Black Dog's high quality LED grow lights such as bigger yields, healthier plants, and energy savings. "We're not really LED freaks...we're grow light freaks. If there were a better way to make a better grow light, that's what we'd be talking about," Drew said.

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