Black Dog LED (BDL) was recently featured in a 6-page interview in Weed World Magazine. The interview consisted of questions from the perspective of a grower who was considering making the switch to LED technology. Topics included the cost saving benefits of using LEDs, the increase in quality and size of yield from growing with LEDs, as well as the technology in BDL grow lights that make them so effective.


"We insist on high quality parts for our lights because we want the best grow lights possible."

The cost-saving benefits of Black Dog LEDs were highlighted including how the lights use 20-40% less electricity, alleviated the need for light bulb replacement, and reduced need for additional cooling in an indoor grow room.

"It is true that LED's can save money, but we think the biggest benefit is better growth and a superior product when grown under LED lights."

When asked by Weed World contributor, Professor Lee, why plants grown under LEDs can be quite a bit more lush and healthier than those grown under HIDs, Black Dog went on to explain how plants grown under Black Dog LEDs produce 2% to 5% more resin than plants grown under HIDs.

"Because our lights have a balanced spectrum, plants grown under our lights tend to be a lot more compact, dense, and bushy than plants under HIDs because they aren't looking for more or better light."

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