Black Dog LED Adds Spectrum-Balancing Grow Glasses to Product Line

November 14, 2013--Boulder, CO-- Black Dog LED, the company with the reputation for providing the most powerful and effective indoor plant grow lights now offers color-correcting glasses designed to work with their proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™. These Grow Glasses also mark the beginning of a co-branded partnership between Black Dog LED and Method Seven, making the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ the standard for Method Seven’s LED color-correcting lenses.

These specialized Grow Glasses are the result of a year’s worth of fine-tuning and combine the practical knowledge of the growers at Black Dog LED with the optics expertise of world-renowned Carl Zeiss and the premium technology and design provided only by the engineers at Method Seven. The Black Dog LED Grow Glasses perfectly balance the spectrum emitted by the Universal Series of plant grow lights, allowing growers to see their gardens as if in true white light. This significantly increases the ease of recognizing, diagnosing, and treating of pests and diseases threatening plants. The perfectly-tailored color-balancing lenses, in conjunction with full UV protection and high-quality construction, ensure a more comfortable and productive gardening experience for growers using Black Dog LED’s powerful plant grow lights.

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