Trying to find the best LED indoor plant lights on the market today? has just named Black Dog LED the best LED Grow Light of 2016. The PhytoMAX 800 was evaluated along with 10 other LED grow lights, and Black Dog came out #1 among all models they reviewed! They point out our efforts to educate people about growing with Black Dog lights and especially our honesty about everything including wattage and footprints, to name a few.

Not only were we ranked as the most honest company about our products, but as they also point out, we have the largest LED grow light available- or as they put it: "At 800 Actual Watts, their Phytomax 800 is a true replacement for 1000W HID lights. In fact, it kicks any 1000W HID light's a$$."

Some topics covered in the review for each of the lights are actual watts, efficiency and spectrum as well as companies' warranties, some user comments, lenses used and coverages for flower and vegetative footprints. It is very important to understand all of these measurements and how they will affect any plants growing under LED lights. They also point out that "Black Dog LED is the only company that gives footprint information specifically for growing Marijuana."

We understand the time and effort required to do a comprehensive review such as this. We truly appreciate that this review highlights some of the things Black Dog LED has done to set the industry standard for high quality LED grow lights, making LED's not just an alternative to HPS, but a superior option that delivers higher yields and potency while still saving on electricity and cooling costs. We look forward to seeing more from!

Check out complete LED grow light review on their site!