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Black Dog LED to Provide Exclusive Lighting to Medical Marijuana Tampa Institute

Black Dog LED is pleased to announce its partnership with Medical Marijuana Tampa, an educational institution dedicated to teaching students about the medical marijuana industry. LED grow lighting for the school’s indoor grow facilities will be provided exclusively by Black Dog LED.

The college will use BDL lights in hands-on instruction. Students will set up gardens using BDL lights to learn proper lighting techniques for indoor growing. BDL staff will serve as special guest lecturers, sharing their combined 75+ years of growing experience with the students.

When asked why they chose Black Dog LED lights for their classrooms, Cliff Burt, lead instructor at Medical Marijuana Tampa said, "As a premier educational program in the cannabis industry, Medical Marijuana Tampa only partners with companies that have the same level of professionalism, quality, and customer service. We are proud to partner with Black Dog LED as our premier lighting solution and educate our students on their world renowned systems."

Black Dog LED would like to thank Medical Marijuana Tampa for exposing it's students to our LED Grow Lights and the future of indoor gardening.

2 thoughts on “Black Dog LED to Provide Exclusive Lighting to Medical Marijuana Tampa Institute”

  • Kris

    Sounds intriguing. Will they be collecting data on productivity and power use? If so, will you post it here? If not, can you send it to me?


    Portland, OR

    • Noah

      They don't grow any Cannabis on site but they do grow other plants. If you want to see some yields I would recommend searching YouTube or see our channel here.

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