A Black Dog LED Platinum XL-U light was recently tested along side a standard 1000w HPS lighting set-up by the Colorado Bud Blog.

According to Chewberto420, the blog's author, "Black Dog LED's Platinum XL-U Light is an all out Winner in every aspect."

The Black Dog LED light performed better than the 1000W HPS in efficiency, operating cost, flower quality, and overall health of the plant.

The author also cites these benefits of the Black Dog LED grow light:

  • The aromas and flavor was better as compared to HPS
  • The smell on the LED side was noticeably brighter, richer, and more complex than the HPS side
  • The density (under the LED) wasn't airy or "larfy"
  • The Black Dog LED grow light was 22.5% more efficient to run electrically (not including savings on bulb replacements or reduction in air conditioning)
  • The bag appeal (from the Black Dog light) was very nice and equates visually
  • It was less expensive to run for the duration of the grow

Read the whole article about types of LED lights here: