Noah Miller was the guest on the MJ Bulls podcast this week. Noah discusses the science behind LED grow light technology with the host Dan Humiston.

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DATE September 30, 2019




Noah Miller

Dan Humiston


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It's the Raising Cannabis Capital show. I'm Dan Humiston. And on today's show, how their passion for growing is the inspiration that

continues to drive this bro like Pioneer to create the perfect LeD light for growing Cannabis.

[00:01:35] Dan Humiston

Today, Raising Cannabis Capital, we're joined by Noah Miller, the CEO of Black Dog LCD. Noah, welcome to the show. Thanks, Dan.

Great to be here.

[00:01:47] Dan Humiston

You know, I'm interested in LED.. You have a little bit of history with fluorescent lighting. Back in my last life. So LCD is just

fascinating. You guys have been providing LCD lighting for nearly a decade. I laugh at this, but you're a grandfather in the industry.

Ya. I'd like to start off with picking your brain about it. Ali Dena.. The thing that I find super interesting, but I completely don't

understand is how you can turn the spectrum of LCD lights to create light that plants want. That blows my mind without getting too

technical. Can you kind of a little bit about Ali D lighting and how that works?

[00:02:27] Noah Miller

Yeah, I mean you're asking specifically about the spectrum here, so let's just assume everyone is somewhat familiar like you for

lighting your house or reading a book at night or lighting the path on a bike ride with your lamp. You're going to be using often LCD

nowadays. So most people are familiar with at least the concept of LCD. But now when we pivot that over into plants, not human

eye response, that's an important differentiator to make. So if you and I are going to use an LCD in our house, in our business, on our

bike or something like that, we're going to be looking for something that's going to light it up for the human eye response. We care a

lot about what we perceive to be white light and what looks brightest stars. Where we're most sensitive is the green and yellow

region, which we're going to interpret as white. So that's how those white LCD that we use in our house and our offices are designed

to put out a lot of photons in that region. That's what the human eye wants. Maybe the plant wants something different. Not only is

it different. It's pretty much the opposite. Plants actually want the other stuff. They want the blue and the red. So if we give it a life

that you and I perceive as white, it can still use that light, but it's not as efficient. We think it's more beneficial to create a targeted

spectrum that goes to what the plant really wants.

[00:03:37] Dan Humiston

When you started ten years ago, there was none of this. I'm assuming it is well of your research was born through necessity.

[00:03:44] Noah Miller

We can't do enough research and the ability to grab specific colors and put them together. That didn't exist 10, 15, 20 years ago and

certainly not at the power we have today. But yeah, we're doing things that we can't find anyone else doing. And it is novel research.

And to us, it's really interesting up to do. Obviously, the benefits are for us and the customer.

[00:04:05] Dan Humiston

I love this story. I don't know where I heard this, but you're trying to penetrate deeper into the Cannabis so that they can take

advantage of as much of the plan as possible. And you thought that maybe by adding ultraviolet light you could penetrate a little bit

deeper and then a bunch of unexpected benefits came from that. Can you retell that story?

[00:04:21] Noah Miller

There was research showing that the U.S. could have an impact on other things than just what we consider to be simple

photosynthesis. So if all of us can go all the way back to high school, remember good old Roy G. Dev, right? Yep. So we start at the

top end up at the bottom. The thing that they don't tell you is you're kind of going backwards. So the blue and the ultraviolet, we all

know that really hard. You can cause cancer or not. That actually gets UVB NBC. So those are more energetic as photons, which is

our unit of light. As they move around or as they bounce off something, they're going to shed a little bit of heat and then move shift

down into a lower energy wavelength. So they're going to move towards the red, towards the R and away from the V, right away

from the violence. So often the photons plant and they bounce back and they bounce off. Every time it bounces, it's moving further

down the wavelength to become less and less energetic. And once you get below red, you turn into a car or infrared. If they go to

IRR now, it's useless to the plants. But imagine if I start all the way to ultraviolet and it bounces around a few times.

[00:05:26] Noah Miller

I've got a long way to go down that energetic curve before I get to use this light so that photon can bounce around and check this. It

can actually go right through the leaf. It's crazy, but the five photons can go right through the leaf. Shed a little energy, not get used.

Come out the other side and be a lower energy wavelength. But because we started it all ultraviolet for that specific wavelength, that

light can still be usable. A couple layers down. The big benefit for us is we're creating a healthier planet. We found the plants to be

sturdier and stronger literally as stocks are stronger. That makes them the cell walls get thicker because they're protecting

themselves from the damage you can cause. So now they're more disease and pest resistant because they're thicker and stronger.

And then the real big benefit, if I stick you under ultraviolet, you're gonna get a tan. The plant gets a tan. But in their case, they're

going to push out SAP as a protective mechanism like you. And guess what? An Cannabis with that sap is full of all the good stuff we

want. So what we end up with is a literally at the laboratory, a testable higher level of active compounds.

[00:06:29] Dan Humiston

Well, it's fascinating. We do five shows about this. This is such good stuff. We gotta move on. But if you want. More information go

to their Web site. There's tons of information about this on a website and even more YouTube channel.

[00:06:44] Dan Humiston

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[00:07:27] Dan Humiston

Speaking of your Web site, I was shocked. I didn't realize. I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of products on your Web site

and they're not all, Ali, delighting.

[00:07:35] Noah Miller

I mean. Well, we have. First off would be the glasses that we designed with Message 7 for us, Backstrom. So those are unique to us. I

don't know if you've heard of Message 7, Dan, but they make a lot of the best glasses for working under bright lights and

horticulture. HP s mental highlight all those. And they kind of are the premiere company for Optics for working in a grow room. They

worked with us to reverse it out. So if you put our special glasses on another way, does it offer protection that you should have?

We're working under artificial lights in a GRO environment, but it also actually reverses our spectrum and makes it look like for you.

It turns our plant lights into human rights. It makes it perfectly white light to work under. So that's kind of cool. Beyond that, one

thing we learned and you'll get a kick out of this because you know how far the industry has come is we see it on the phone A with

people and we talk to them about our lives in a fire light. And it's too great. What else do I need? And we'd say, well, get

comfortable, because the light is really just one piece of a giant puzzle and you need about 40 other things to really set up a good

home grow that's going to produce well.

[00:08:35] Noah Miller

And so we kind of learned that we didn't want to keep having that conversation. And it's tough for people to go find the parts that

are working fit together properly. So we have put together over a couple of years what we consider to be. We joke around a call for

no Home Depot kit. If you get this growth kit, it has every single thing you need to grow. If you had zero gear when you bought it,

the only thing we don't include is a seed or a plant and soil and everything else is. So we sell everything you need individually. But

the main purpose we have all those other things is for those people that really want to get started but are too afraid to try and figure

all these parts out. They can just one stop shop, buy it all, have basically the entire growth kit delivered to them, ready to go out of

the box.

[00:09:17] Dan Humiston

Perfect. Yes, a friend can home growing business. It's there. So what's next for black dog LED?

[00:09:23] Noah Miller

For us, it's continuing to improve. You know, we've been doing this 10 years, as you pointed out, and you're the first person that I've

ever heard say the grandfather thing because we do consider ourselves grandfathers. We know who is here when we started. Most

of them, almost all of them are long gone. We love this industry, one because of Cannabis. We are very passionate. Everybody that

sells our lights will grow with the lights. Real active rowers. We're here because we're passionate about it and we want to continue

to provide better products for ourselves and our customers. We love going our lives. And, you know, we have a lot on our roadmap

right now, but our focus is really still remaining on our lights because the technology is advancing. And it's not just us. It's the LCD

technology, as we know, is growing around the world. And then things are getting better every month. And so we get to absorb that

tech and provide even better rollouts on a regular basis to our customers. So to us, it's really continuing to make those incremental

improvements and make our lives better and more efficacious and continue to work with our customers to learn about what they

need, what's working, what's not.

[00:10:22] Dan Humiston

Well, and it's worked so far today, broke. Don't fix it. It's expensive, though. The research that you're doing and gearing up for that,

every state that comes on and there's a whole new wave of home growers. Are you raising any money to help prepare for this

growth even after 10 years?

[00:10:38] Noah Miller

We've never done a big raise before. We're growing a little faster than we've ever done before. You know, you need cash to fuel

that. So we are doing our first full raise. We're doing a series, a round right now. What we're doing is we're looking for a three million

dollar raise right now. Any credit investor would welcome them to contact us. They can reach us at investment at Black Dog

Telecom. We are looking to raise money now to just further our growth. We are honestly adding headcount on a regular basis now

and just trying to keep up with the demand.

[00:11:07] Dan Humiston

At this point, you know, it's almost like a land grab, but you have to because every state that comes on is just so much opportunity.

And if you don't get it, somebody else will. We've been speaking with Noah Miller from Black Dog Ali Dena.. And I'll have all of isn't

contact information and investor information also on the Web. MJBulls Web site. So, no, it's been great to have you on the show.

Please promise me that you'll be back on again.

[00:11:32] Noah Miller

We'd love to be back on your show now.

[00:11:35] Dan Humiston

Thanks for listening to Raising Cannabis Capital to learn more about today's guests or to become a guest. Visit our Web site at Today's show is produced by Hemp Gables Media with original music produced in part by Jamie Humiston. I'm Dan

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