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Cultivation Cast | Complete LED Grow Kit

In this week's episode of Cultivation Cast we go over everything that comes in our Black Dog LED complete grow kit. This is a comprehensive kit designed to include everything you will need to start your very own indoor grow. Kevin and Noah go ever everything that comes in the kit and all the uses for each item.

See the kit in action here

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2 thoughts on “Cultivation Cast | Complete LED Grow Kit”

  • Dre

    Any tips on transfering from a hydro system to coco?

    • Amanda Herman


      If you are speaking about changing your grow style from Hydro to coco, they are very different in terms of equipment needs for the plants/water, but the environmental needs are more or less the same, so your biggest change would be the grow medium. If you are speaking of moving plants it can be done with smaller plants with small root balls. The larger the plant, the more you are going to shock it. If the plant is rather large, we would suggest taking a clone and rooting it in a plug, then moving in to coco from there.

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