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Cultivation Cast | Hanging Heights and Lighting

In this week's episode of Cultivation Cast Noah and Kevin talk about lighting choices and hanging heights. How high should you hang your lights when growing your plants? This week Kevin and Noah give us a nice overview of the ins and outs of lighting.

2 thoughts on “Cultivation Cast | Hanging Heights and Lighting”

  • Donald Pattenaude
    Donald Pattenaude October 8, 2018 at 7:39 am

    Hey guys,
    I am now growing a 2.5x4 tent with 2 PhytoMAX -2 200 w/Co2 in veg with great results. Plants are still in 1 gal. pots and considering flowering in the 1 gal. this cycle for results. I am definitely loving the PhytoMAX-2 fixtures. Thanks for the podcasts.

    • Amanda Herman

      Thanks for the love Don! We just flowered in 1 gallons and from what we just saw, depending on how large the plant is, you may have to water daily towards the end of the run. Again, if the plants are small enough, you could still go every other day. Best of luck!

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