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Cultivation Cast | Leaf Surface Temperature

Welcome to Cultivation Cast!

In this episode we cover light spectrum's effect on leaf surface temperature (LST), why LST is critical, and how a plant-optimized spectrum can save you substantially on your cooling costs.

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2 thoughts on “Cultivation Cast | Leaf Surface Temperature”

  • Dre

    when you guys say the plants need to move from one feed to an other 2 to 3 days but with hydro systems is different? Can you explain a bit better what the difference is?

    • Kevin

      Hello, when we mentioned feeding every 2-3 days we were specifically talking about plants in soil- in almost all hydroponic setups, the plants would not be able to go 2-3 days between watering/feeding applications as the growing media does not hold water/nutrients this long.

      This more frequent application of nutrients in hydroponics can allow the plants to grow faster than in soil, although if something goes wrong with the system there is less of a "safety buffer" than soil provides. Both hydro and soil growing have their benefits and drawbacks; while we have grown in hydro and it works great with our lights, for most of our test grows we use soil due to its more-forgiving nature.

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