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Cultivation Cast | Updated LED Complete Grow Tent Kits

Today on Cultivation Cast, Kevin and Noah revisit the Black Dog LED Complete Grow Tent Kits. These grow tent kits were created with those just starting out in mind. The kits include everything you need except seed and soil to begin growing your own at home. The kits now include an updated tent as well as some new accessories.

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2 thoughts on “Cultivation Cast | Updated LED Complete Grow Tent Kits”

  • Karl

    Can I clone/root cuttings from a plant in flower if the cutting isn't too woody?

    • Kevin


      You can take clones from plants in flower, but it usually doesn't work nearly as well as taking clones from plants in vegetative growth. The problem is that once they go into flower, there are hormones telling the plant to stop growing new roots and leaves but instead to grow flowers- especially after 3 weeks into flower. If you take a cutting off the plant at this point, it will have to revert to vegetative growth before it can start growing new roots, which often means it will take a month or more for the clone to start rooting, and this often means they will rot before they root. Unfortunately, the flowers on the cutting are still sucking energy from the cutting, and the flowers are more likely to rot (and kill the cutting) in high humidity as well.

      If you're trying to save a clone of a plant you really like the flowers on, it will usually work better to put the mother plant back into 18/6 light to let it revert to vegetative growth, and once it has started growing new leaves and entire shoots long enough to clone, to take clones from those new growths. This can be done even post-harvest, if you don't cut all the leaves off the plant during harvest- but this is tricky as well and doesn't always work.

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