National Advisory!

Please be advised there is an epidemic of The Green Flu being reported nationwide!

Symptoms of Green Flu can be mild and almost unnoticeable, with the most dangerous being to employers who have employees that are not able to work. Note that Green Flu is highly contagious and one strange phenomenon is most people display symptoms only on April 20.

Historically, the outbreak of Green Flu is fairly mild, but this year a more aggressive form of Green Flu has been discovered. We predict poor employee turn-out on Monday, April 20. Some companies are bracing for this epidemic, while other companies are confident that this will have no impact on them.

Black Dog LED is confident in the health and strength of our employees, and expects one of the strongest turnouts all year on 4/20 at the Cannabis Cup in Denver, CO.

To date there has been no cure discovered for Green Flu, although some people have reported that cannabis helps relieve their symptoms.

Stay well, everyone!