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Grow-Along: Autoflowering Cannabis in a 2x2 tent

Follow along with weekly updates as we use a 2.5'x2.5' Complete Grow Kit with a PhytoMAX-2 200 LED Grow Light to grow 4 autoflowering Cannabis plants- 3 'Girl Scout Cookies' and 1 'LSD 25'- from seed through harvest!

Each week we will post a new video overview of the week's activity for this grow, so check back every week for an update! This grow-along also discusses the differences between autoflowering plants and "traditional" daylength-sensitive Cannabis plants, along with the pros and cons of each type.

Week 1

Preparation for the grow, planting the seeds, and germination- off to the races! Also includes a discussion on the difference between autoflowering and "traditional" daylength-sensitive Cannabis strains.

Week 2

Demonstrates nutrient / fertilizer mixing and the second week of growth for the seedlings.

Week 3

Covers re-potting the autoflower seedlings into their final fabric pot as they start to take off!

Week 4

The plants start showing their first signs of flowering and explode with growth! We trim and clean up the bottoms and switch from vegetative to flowering nutrients.

Week 5

Monitoring the plants and adjusting the fan and lights as necessary while the plants start to really stretch during flower.

Week 6

As the plants continue to grow we do some minor leaf pruning to help the developing flower buds. The 'LSD 25' strain is starting to show some crazy colors, and the trichomes are indicating that the plants will be ready to harvest in a couple weeks!

Week 7

In the final week of growth, we flush the plants to eliminate excess fertilizer.

Harvest Day

Only 67 days after planting the seeds, we harvest, trim up the buds and put them on our drying racks.

Grow-Along Coverage

This grow shows how to plant Cannabis seeds and germinate them, how to water and care for your plants, trimming, training, harvesting, drying and curing the flowers.

17 thoughts on “Grow-Along: Autoflowering Cannabis in a 2x2 tent”

  • Darrell Dickey

    I’m wondering why my autoflowering plants look so small. I planted them on 3/5 and it’s 4/16 and both are extremely short. One is a bubble gum auto from msnl with a total time frame of between 8-10 weeks. The other is a white widow auto from seedsman with a total time frame of 10-12 weeks. I mixed 2 parts fox farm ocean forest with one part perlite and 1 part coco. I’m using a 3x3 tent with a Phytomax 2 200. Temps hover around 80F. Nice circulation of air. Humidity is never higher that 45%. I’m using 3 gallon buckets and I’m anxious about what the yield is going to be since I spent over $600.00 on a light for the first time. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kevin

      Autoflowering plants are going to vary significantly in how large they get- every strain will be different, and every seed will be different as well. You don't mention how short your plants are- after 5 weeks I would expect the autoflowering plants to be somewhere between 12 to 36 inches, depending on the genetics you got.

      A couple of things you did mention could be contributing to short, under-performing plants though:

      We recommend keeping the temperature when the lights are on at 85 degrees, because our light spectrum doesn't warm up plants' leaves as much as HPS or other lights. At 80 degrees, the plants are being kept a bit on the cold side under our light, and this would slow down their growth.
      The Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil is a "supersoil" with nutrients the plants will need mixed in to start. By diluting it by half with the coco and perlite, the plants may not be getting fertilized enough. Once the plants go through all the nutrients available in the soil, they may stop growing- and usually will show signs of being nutrient-deficient. Unfortunately the signs will very depending on which nutrient ran out first.

  • Jsson

    Thankyou for this grow along very nice! I love my black dog 600 light! It’s nice to see small grows! I’ grow small grows just for quality I don’t care about weight! Even with that said I like to see dried weigh in at the end!! I have grown the same strain and under my 600 4 girl Scout Cookies auto and got 11 ounces!! So I like to see the difference! I was growing in 3x3

    • Kevin

      You can see the final dried weight in the last video in the series- 221 grams, or 7.8 ounces- not too bad for a 210-watt light.

      • Nick Teixeira

        Im growing 1 auto blueberry
        Im using 1000 watt LED
        3 GALLON POT

        Last grow i only got an ounce but that was because i was super green. Now in using nutrients and its taking off. Thanks everyone always great feedback
        Any suggestions welcome please

  • Caretaker

    what is the set up you have going with the drip saucers, and where can they be found?

  • Bman

    Awesome series. I am thinking about starting my own grow in this size of tent soon. These are a huge help in letting us newbies know what to expect. Thanks for taking the time to make this grow series!

    • Noah

      Thank you for the kind words. We are working on more content that will fill in even more detail and offer new perspectives. Please let us know if there is anything specific you would like to see us cover in more detail.
      Happy gardening,
      Black Dog LED

  • John

    Very happy with my photomax 200 and will be getting another one soon. Your grow along really helped me with my first grow.

    I am using 24 hour light and the rate of growth is amazing. Is there a reason that you had six hours no light in your grow?

    • Kevin

      We've found that most strains will grow just as well at 18 hours per day with the lights on as with 24 hours per day- typically the extra 6 hours of light don't make the plants grow any more than they would with a 6-hour rest period each night. The extra 6 hours per day of light is just extra electricity you're paying for.

  • Enzo

    Hi guys! I'm trying some experiments for fun. Have you used only Pro Tekt and Foliage pro for the entire cycle right? Or i'm missing something? Thanks

    • Amanda Herman

      We used the two of those for the first half of the grow. Once the autoflower flipped and started producing flowers, we switched to Bloom and Pro Tekt for the rest of the run.

      Thanks for the question!


  • Drew Redmond

    Curious did you have a fan on in the tent while on drying racks?

  • Drew Redmond

    Do you keep your oscillating fan on underneath your plants for a few days under rack?

    • Makenzie Salyer
      Makenzie Salyer October 31, 2019 at 7:54 am

      Hello Drew,

      Thank you for the question, but we do not understand it completely. If you are asking if we run a fan underneath the plant while it is growing, we do not as our focus is air circulation around the leaves. If you are asking if we are running a fan while using a drying rack we do use a fan on a low setting to keep the air from being stale.

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