For this Grow-Along we're running high-CBD, low-THC hemp plants. Follow along as we use a 4'x4' Complete Grow Kit with a PhytoMAX-2 800 LED Grow Light to grow 4 'Lava Rock' hemp plants from seed through harvest!

Episode 1: Starting Seeds

We plant seeds, let them germinate, and pot them up into larger pots as they grow.

Episode 2: Middle Vegetative Growth

We continue with vegetative growth, topping the plants to keep them compact and maximize future production.

Episode 3: Nutrient Mixing and Late Vegetative Growth

We demonstrate nutrient mixing, more topping, transplanting into their final pots, and topping yet again!

Episode 4: Ready to Flower!

We defoliate the plants, stripping every leaf off to start the flowering process.

Episode 5: Week 1-3 of Flower and Second Defoliation

We remove all of the leaves from the plants again at day 21 of flower and put the SCROG net up to support the growing buds!

Episode 6: Week 5 and 6 of flower

We check in on progress as the plants continue their flowering cycle, examining trichome development through the microscope.

Episode 7: Flushing at the end of flower

We start flushing the plants with water to rid them of excess nutrients before we harvest them.

Episode 8: Harvest

We harvest, trim, dry and cure the flowers.