Take advantage of a dedicated grow tent when planning an indoor growing site. When growing a crop indoors, considerations include location and the ambient conditions of the room. Most homes are subject to wide fluctuations in light, heat, and humidity over the course of the day and night. The better you control the lighting, heat and humidity, the more successful your crops will be. That's why Black Dog LED sells grow tents to keep conditions ideal for the best product quality and yields.

Using a grow tent provides a closed environment to control growing conditions easily and efficiently. But a grow tent is only as good as its design. The quality of materials, tent design and construction, and built-in conveniences all contribute to tents' effectiveness and ease of use, and that ultimately impacts the results you will get from your growing efforts.

The tents sold by Black Dog LED are the best available. Their thick poles are up to 5 times stronger than competitive products, and are compatible with standard fans, filters, and reflectors. The tent fabric is up to 9 times denser than other tents, giving unsurpassed control of interior conditions, and tight seals provided by heavy-duty zippers virtually eliminate leaks. Large 10" ducting ports maximize air flow, "EZ View" windows keep the need to open and close the tent to a minimum, and 360 degree doors open all the way around for maximum accessibility. Gorilla Grow Tents even have a handy tool pouch inside for easy access to the things you need most.

With their heightened ability to control climate, marijuana grow tents make it easy to maintain perfect temperature and humidity inside without affecting the entire room. They have all the advantages of a grow room with the convenience of a stand-alone, portable setup. Setup is a snap, too, with easy-to-follow instructions and design ideas and plans.

Tents are available in 10 different sizes to suit your growing needs. If you're just staring out, Black Dog LED also offers complete grow room kits with lights, fans, and accessories that take the guesswork out of choosing what you need for a turnkey solution to your growing needs.