This is Round 2 of our super-compact LED grow cabinet featuring the PhytoMAX® 200 LED Grow Light. In our last video, we saw the PhytoMAX 200 yield 196 grams of Blue Dream in less than 3 square feet of growing area. In this round, Super Lemon Haze is put to the test in the same compact area. The final weight came out to 199 grams, or 7.02 oz. Using the same growing accessories and replicating the same climate settings, nutrients and watering regimen from last time, these results further confirm the true power of our LED grow lights. Yielding nearly identical amounts with two different strains, it's easy to see that even the smallest member of the PhytoMAX family consistently produces the best flowering results of any grow light on the market, including HPS or other LEDs. No one else comes close to the quality that Black Dog LED has made standard for 6 years and counting!