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The Ultimate Indoor Garden

The garden in the Black Dog LED showroom is possibly the best example of a high quality, well-designed indoor garden you will find in the country.

The garden is an excellent way to see our grow lights in action and see plants that have been grown exclusively under our plant lights for years. We are able to grow and fruit tropical fruit trees that are unable to fruit under any other lighting technology by using the most powerful LED grow lights available, combined with the efficiency of our Phyto-Genesis spectrum. Among the fruiting trees are Carambola (star fruit), mangoes, mulberries, and taste bud-twisting Miracle Fruit that are made possible with growing fruits & vegetables indoors.

The Black Dog LED garden features:

  • A watertight, self-draining floor
  • Integrated nutrient mixing and watering system
  • Computer-monitored and controlled lighting and climate system

At Black Dog LED the ultimate grow room is high-tech, low maintenance, spacious, and of course outfitted without he most powerful and proven led grown lights period.

We welcome visitors to our office in Boulder, Colorado to see the garden and experience firsthand the power and efficacy of our lights.

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Indoor Garden”

  • Chris

    I am interested in what the cost for the complete indoor garden is. ^This is the answer i have been looking for! I was wondering what the estimated cost on a similar unit but maybe in the 5Wx5Dx5H footprint and utilizing Aeroponics... How modular is the system if i decide to add another... What control do i have? meaning can i control full light spectrum and times? also is it command or GUI based? what remote features do i have?

    what cost would it be to have it built, tested then either shipped whole, modular pieces with a onsite tech for install, or the DIY Kit?


    • Noah

      Hi Chris,
      We don't sell that garden, we made it for our office. It is fully functional and is quite amazing but we have never considered building one for a customer. We do sell most of the gear that is inside the garden and most importantly our LED grow lights that are in the grow room. Drop us a call if you ever want insight on how to build a garden like this.
      (720) 420-1209

  • Gilles

    Hi Noah ,

    I will be very happy if you could give me some basics so that I can create myself a closed garden ( ) inside of a piece . I am in France, Britain or the humidity is high , hence my approach ;
    a very big thank you :-)

    Gilles ;

    PS is what you deliver in France?

    • Amanda Herman

      Hello Gilles,

      We now have a distributor for our lights in Europe, which will save you money on shipping and provide local support for our lights. You can purchase directly from their website at:

      You can also contact them via email at with all inquires about PhytoMAX LED grow lights.

  • Paul Koenning

    Great Build! Thank you for sharing some of the inner workings.

  • dean nachbar

    how much for setup????

  • dean nachbar

    might think about selling a packaged deal if you dont i will great idea!!!

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