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Trimming and Curing Workshop

How to properly finish what you started

Black Dog LED is hosting its next free, hands-on workshop on Saturday October 24th in Boulder, Colorado from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

Most beginner growers think the work is over as they get close to harvest. What many growers learn after it is too late is that you can ruin months of hard work in your garden in just a few days with improper drying and curing. Join us as we discuss best practices for both trimming and curing your plants.

We will cover topics such as:

  • How to assess when your plant is "ripe"
  • Properly taking down a plant for harvest
  • Trimming-- both wet and dry
  • Drying your flowers
  • Curing your flowers (arguably one of the most important steps for ending up with high-quality Cannabis)
  • Long-term storage

4 thoughts on “Trimming and Curing Workshop”

  • Ron

    When is your next work shop on curing and trim. And are any in California



    • Amanda Herman

      Hello Ron-
      We do not have any specific trim and curing classes coming up, but we do have an other all grow class. If you contact us: we can get you that information!

  • Jim

    My plants look like the belong on the cover of high times I'm growing indoors and the lowest thc conten was 23 percent . After I dry them I trim them and put them in sealed quart jars I bribe them - to 3 times a day for Approx 5 min each time some of the nicest crystallized bud turns brown regardless of what color they start off at. They smoke well but they don't have that sweet island skunk smell after curing them I have cured for 3" days 15 and 10 days all with the same result. What am I doing wrong. Most of it would be top shelf bud if they would keep their color and smell?' Please help

    • Noah

      Hi Jim,
      My guess based on your post is your cure is not being done correctly after harvest. I would say to Google curing Cannabis and read some articles. I personally like to see the flowers dry slowly before I put them into jars, so about 6-8 days. Then once jarred up I think a 3-week cure is minimum. If you dry to fast or don't properly cure you can end up with flowers that are brown/dry and lack smell.

      Happy gardening,
      Black Dog LED

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