Black Dog LED is proud to announce our new lighting webcast.

We have received extensive feedback from our customers letting us know you are looking to learn more about lighting technology. In the past with HID, a bulb was a bulb, but LEDs are a more complex subject, complicated by all the unsubstantiated claims made by many LED manufacturers.
We are here to help! 
Whether you are new to indoor gardening, or a veteran gardener, this 30-minute course will help you enhance your lighting knowledge. This webcast will cover LEDs advantages and disadvantages, what they can and cannot do, and how they can be used in your garden.

This live webcast is completely free and you will have the chance to ask our lighting experts questions during the course.

To make scheduling easy, we are offering several convenient times to choose from. To participate in the webcast please register using the URL below for the time that works for you:

Register Now!