Now that you're convinced that LED lighting is the most economical and productive way to grow your indoor crops (if you need an extra nudge, read this) your next decision is what setup is right for you.

Black Dog LED has lights and accessories designed by growers and proven by growers for all sizes and types of grow operations. We've set the standard for high-power grow lights with a combination of performance, design, and innovation unmatched in the indoor garden industry.

The setup you need depends primarily on the number and mature size of the plants you plan to grow. Most commonly-grown plants can be maintained at different sizes through pruning, so there is no standard number of plants that will fit in any given area — it's primarily a matter of how big you want to grow them.

Black Dog LED lights have vegetative footprints ranging from 2.5 to 7 feet wide and flowering footprints between 2 and 4½ feet. Our Universal Series of 5-watt LED grow lights are the most powerful, watt for watt and chip for chip, in the world, meaning you get healthier, more productive plants per square foot of growing space.

Your choice of accessories will depend on the location of your grow room. We have 10 sizes of grow tents from a compact 2'x2.5' model to huge 10'x10' ones to control your growing environment and keep it confined to your growing area. We have fans, filters, meters and thermostats to insure your grow space is optimized for the best yield from your crops. And we have an extensive Knowledge Center to help you choose the setup that's right for you.

Ultimately though, it's all about the lights. Our proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ combines 15 unique colors of LEDs to grow your plants to their full potential. Our grow lights are engineered to increase flexibility, efficiency and longevity while providing full, even coverage of the entire lighting footprint to maximize your return on investment.

With Black Dog LED lights, you can achieve vibrant growth, flowering and productivity that's unmatched by other indoor gardening systems. Our lights and accessories make it easy for even inexperienced gardeners to get started.

Visit our website,, to see a full selection of grow room products for indoor gardeners. You'll also find plenty of information about the benefits of LED grow lighting, too. While you're there, take a look at our photo gallery to see for yourself the amazing results you can achieve with Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ grow lights from Black Dog LED.