How can I compare different grow lights?

Many people look for a single measurement or statistic that can be used to compare different types of grow lights. Many companies try to impress by giving single, impressive PAR / PPFD, lumen / lux, μmol/J efficiency, or other measurements, but this certainly does not tell the entire story.

Any of these light statistics can be manipulated to look more impressive, but alone they don't indicate how well the light will grow plants.

The best way to compare any grow lights is to perform a side-by-side test actually growing plants: only in this way can you see through marketing hype to the actual performance of the light. Black Dog LED offers a 90-day money back guarantee on any one of our lights to encourage everyone to try their own grow tests with our lights. There is nothing like seeing for yourself just how well they grow plants compared to other lights, but we appreciate that this is not always possible.

Three-way side-by-side grow test: Black Dog LED, CMH and T5

When comparing grow lights, there are many important things to consider:

Even considering all of these things, it isn't easy to compare grow lights based on statistics other than actual yield. Try one of our lights with our money-back guarantee and see how well they work!