Why don't all of the diodes on my Black Dog LED grow light panel light up?

Why do some LEDs appear dim?

Your new Black Dog LED grow light arrived in the mail; you unpack it, put on your no. 5 welding glasses (safety first!), plug it in and take a look to check out that beautiful spectrum... But you notice that some of the diodes seem dimmer or not lit up at all. Don't worry, your panel is working perfectly!

Our Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® includes light Beyond PAR™, outside of the visual range. The ultraviolet (UV), deep blue, and infrared (IR) LEDs we include in every PhytoMAX-2 light don't appear as bright to human eyes only because they are outside of humans' visual range. Safety glasses that block UV and IR light can make these LEDs appear completely un-lit, but they are working. When we say our lights are full spectrum, we mean it- and now you can see (or not see) why.