What are the vegetative and flowering footprints based on?

Our vegetative and flowering footprints are based on the light intensity requirements for some of the most commonly-grown high-light plants such as tomatoes, peppers and Cannabis.

There are hundreds of thousands of species of plants, covering a huge range of light intensity and duration requirements. We simply cannot provide recommendations for every kind of plant, so we had to base our recommended LED grow light footprint sizes on the plants most commonly grown under artificial light.

For plants with a lower light intensity requirement, such as lettuce, the footprint coverage can be larger than what we recommend. Plants requiring more light intensity such as most Cacti would require a smaller lighting footprint to get enough light.

To make the footprint larger, you just need to hang the light higher over the plants, and to make it smaller, move it closer to the plants.

We have a helpful calculator to determine the correct hanging height to get the light level you require.