Black Dog Complete LED Grow Kit Setup

Thank you for purchasing our Complete LED Grow Kit! Here you will find helpful information and videos on how to assemble your kit and getting started with your grow.

Once you have your kit assembled, watch the Grow-Along videos to watch entire complete kit grows from clone or from seed (even autoflowering seeds), or watch our Growing How-To's for specific topics! If you just want to see time-lapse videos of grows in our complete grow kits, we have those as well!

Cultivation Cast

If you are a podcast fan, Black Dog LED has its own helpful podcast called Cultivation Cast, with Noah Miller and Kevin Frender discussing all things related to indoor cultivation. Check out the Cultivation Cast or subscribe to us on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.

Thank you for the purchase of your complete LED grow kit. If you have any questions regarding the setup or use of your kit, feel free to contact us at

Happy Gardening!