PhytoMAX 600 LED Grow Lights

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The PhytoMAX 600 has been discontinued, replaced by the all-new PhytoMAX-2 600 with 60% more light for only 30 more watts!

The patent pending PhytoMAX 600 LED grow lights will outperform any other indoor LED grow lights on the market. The PhytoMAX 600 is the updated version of the original BD700, made famous by the expert growers on the Heavy T Grow Show beating HPS in yield and quality in a side-by-side grow. Do a side-by-side comparison of our indoor LED grow lights for yourself with our 90-day no hassle return policy!

A free pair of Black Dog LED heavy duty ratcheting grow light hangers are included with all PhytoMAX 600 LED grow lights! Discounted Black Dog LED Grow Glasses are available with each PhytoMAX 600.
For a limited time, a free sample of Dyna‑Gro™ Foliage‑Pro® and Pro‑TeKt® are included with each light order!