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LED Grow Lights Designed by Growers, for Growers

For almost 5 years Black Dog LED has set the standard for high-power LED grow lights, combining performance, design and innovation unmatched in the indoor garden industry. We created the first LED grow light incorporating a full spectrum from UV to NIR, originally with 3W but now exclusively with 5W diodes, producing the most powerful and effective LED plant lights available for commercial growing.

We are a 100% research-based company whose mission is to design the best indoor plant grow lights, outperforming all other HID, induction, plasma, fluorescent and LED grow lighting. We back all our claims with research and grow tests to ensure we never exaggerate, including coverage footprints.

Our proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ combines 15 unique colors of LEDs to grow your plants to their full potential. Our grow lights are engineered to increase flexibility, efficiency and longevity while providing full, even coverage of the entire lighting footprint to maximize your return on investment. With Black Dog LED lights, you can achieve the same vibrant growth and flowering as seen throughout this site, YouTube, multiple indoor grow journals, and reviews.

Proven Quality, Power and Innovation. No Gimmicks.

Black Dog LEDs: Optimized for plants, not people.

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