Grow Light Industry Firsts for Black Dog LED

Black Dog LED introduced the best plant grow lights on the day we opened. We have also educated many growers as to why some LEDs do not work and how some companies have actually lied about the technology they use. This gives false hope to gardeners and can ultimately cost them significant money in terms of products that don’t meet the manufacturers’ claims.

Many companies have tried to copy our technology, but none have succeeded. Black Dog LED lights are the most innovative lights on the planet—the first to offer many new advances in LED lighting.

PhytoMAX 10000


  • To offer true 3w LEDs with a single diode, instead of 3w3 with three 1w diodes, like most other “3w lights.” at the time.
  • To incorporate UV and IR light, which enhances taste and aroma, as well as speeding up flowering time.
  • To utilize a small percentage of "white" chips to compensate for nanometers lacking in the spectrum.
  • To design a light with a full spectrum that incorporates the most discreet LED colors of any light to maximize efficiency and yield.
  • To incorporate a thermal cutoff switch, protecting your purchase of the most advanced LED grow equipment available.
  • To dispel the hype and design a real 1000w HID replacement—the Platinum XL-U, which was long the most powerful LED grow light on the planet, before it was superseded by the PhytoMAX 800.
  • To design and sell a light that yields 15% more than a 1240W DE HPS: the PhytoMAX 1000.
  • To use high - flow and quiet ball bearing fans.
  • To incorporate all 18-gauge minimum internal wiring, which eliminates any heat from impedance, further reducing wear on the light.
  • To own a SpectroRadiometer and conduct independent research on spectrum and its effects on photosynthesis and ultimately on plant yield and health.
  • To offer a limited lifetime warranty on our grow equipment
  • To offer grow glasses to correct the spectrum for human eyes, a collaborative effort with Method Seven.

When you look at the facts, Black Dog LED is the industry leader, with the most innovative and powerful LED grow lights on the planet. We are often imitated, but never duplicated.