The PhytoMAX 200 may be the smallest light we offer, but it can still give incredible yields! The video below showcases a super-compact cabinet grow, where we were able to get 196 grams from a 215-watt PhytoMAX 200 in under 3 square feet of growing area. That's almost a half pound of top-shelf Blue Dream!

The PhytoMAX 200 small LED grow lights are a great option for any indoor gardener with a flowering footprint of 2.5 x 2.5 feet. This compact cabinet featured a Dust Shroom on the air intake with a 6-inch Max-Fan and 4-inch carbon filter to keep the air cycling and fresh. The total electric bill including the fan and PhytoMAX 200 was under $15 a month. The featured 10-week flowering run yielding almost 7 ounces used only $38 in electricity!

We were pleasantly surprised by these results. If we can get these results with our smallest light, just imagine what you can do with a PhytoMAX 1000!