A commercial Cannabis grower in the Denver metropolitan area recently performed a test grow pitting PhytoMAX 800 LED grow lights against 1000W single-ended and double-ended HPS. The results are astonishing:

  • 25.5% increase in total yield - more than 60% higher grams per watt - compared to single-ended 1000W HPS
  • 14.6% increase in total yield - 26% higher grams per watt - compared to double-ended (DE) 1000W HPS
  • An increased harvest value of up to $1,200 per PhytoMAX light every flowering cycle
  • All while still saving power and cooling costs compared to HPS!

These are only some of the impressive results; a complete case study showing all of the data and results is available at: https://commercialgrowlights.com

The case study also created a time-lapse video of the PhtoMAX 800 grow, showing all 9 weeks of flower from start to end:

You can also view our official press release about this commercial LED grow light case study.