Follow along with our weekly indoor garden videos as we use a 3.5'x3.5' Complete Grow Kit with a PhytoMAX-2 800 LED Grow Light to grow 4 Burmese Kush Cannabis plants- from clone through harvest!

Each week we will post a new video overview of the week's activity for this grow, so check back every week for an update!

Week 1 of Vegetative Growth

Covers preparation for the grow, starting with clones, and getting things settled in to start vegetative growth.

Week 2 of Vegetative Growth

This week shows transplanting the clones into larger pots.

Week 3 of Vegetative Growth

The plants are growing rapidly, and need to be topped to encourage a bushier growth habit.

Week 4 of Vegetative Growth

The plants need an even more thorough topping and thinning to keep a nice, dense, flat canopy.

Week 5 of Vegetative Growth

We continue topping the plants to get a nice, bushy plant with a flat canopy, and transplant them into their final fabric pot to be used for flowering.

Week 6 of Vegetative Growth

We remove small sucker branches from the base, as the plants grow to nearly fill the tent- almost time to flip them into flower!

Week 7- Flip into Flower (Flower Week 1)

Since the plants have grown enough to fill the tent, we defoliate them (cut off most of the leaves) and flip them into flower! Within 4 days the plants have re-grown leaves.

Week 8 / Flower Week 2

The plants are growing and stretching during their second week of flower.

Week 9 / Flower Week 3

The plants are really starting to push out flowers, and on day 18 of flower we perform the second defoliation, removing all the leaves again and cleaning up the bottom of the plants. After defoliation, we install the scrog net to provide support for the growing buds as well as spacing them evenly in the tent.

Mixing Nutrients

This video covers how we are mixing the Advanced Nutrients we are using for this grow.

Flower Weeks 6-9

Checking in on the flowering plants as they start to really put on weight! At the last two weeks of flower we flush the plants to clear out excess nutrients.


After 68 days in flower, the plants are ready to harvest! We take down all the buds, trim them up, and get them drying. For the record, the final dried weight was 1090 grams- 2.4 pounds of top-shelf flowers!

Final Weigh-In

Once dried and cured, we weigh up all the flowers- 1090 grams!

Setting the HT2 Controller and Fans for Drying

This video shows how to reprogram your HT2 controller to maintain humidity for a proper drying cycle, as well as how to use the timer to control oscillating fans during the drying process.

Grow-Along Coverage

This grow shows how to start from clones, how to water and care for your plants, trimming, training, harvesting, drying and curing the flowers.