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Grow-Along: Burmese Kush in a 3x3 tent

Follow along with weekly updates as we use a 3.5'x3.5' Complete Grow Kit with a PhytoMAX-2 800 LED Grow Light to grow 4 Burmese Kush Cannabis plants- from clone through harvest!

Each week we will post a new video overview of the week's activity for this grow, so check back every week for an update!

Week 1 of Vegetative Growth

Covers preparation for the grow, starting with clones, and getting things settled in to start vegetative growth.

Week 2 of Vegetative Growth

This week shows transplanting the clones into larger pots.

Week 3 of Vegetative Growth

The plants are growing rapidly, and need to be topped to encourage a bushier growth habit.

Week 4 of Vegetative Growth

Coming June 22, 2018!

Grow-Along Coverage

This grow shows how to start from clones, how to water and care for your plants, trimming, training, harvesting, drying and curing the flowers.

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