If you have a new grow operation or have expanded an existing one, it's time to review your investment with a critical eye. If you're serious about getting the best yields and highest quality product for your money, walk away from the cheap but expensive-to-operate technologies of the past and invest in grower-proven LED grow lights and accessories.

Overall, LED lighting wasn't reliable for the first 10 years of its existence. It took a lot of research and testing to perfect LED lighting for indoor gardening, but it's happened. LED is now the best contender for your lighting dollar. You can get grow lights that give bountiful, high-quality product at a cost that can't be matched by older technologies.

What are the benefits of LED grow lights? Consider this:

LED Grow Lights Save on Energy Costs

Your electric bill can be the largest ongoing expense of a grow operation. You can cut that cost dramatically with LED grow lights because they produce much more light per kilowatt of power consumed. The savings are immediate and add up to a nice pile of money over the long run.

LED Grow Lights Last 3-5 Times Longer Than Most Other Lights

High-quality LED grow lights will last at least 3 years and probably much longer before they need replacing, depending on use. Compare that to replacing other types of light bulbs every few months.

LED Lights Run Cooler

Overheating a grow room can ruin an entire crop. Because they use so much less energy than other types of lighting, LED grow lights run much cooler, simplifying cooling requirements, cutting down on cooling equipment and reducing the costs of running it.

But wait, you say, they're expensive. That's a myth. While it it's true that the startup cost of an LED grow system can be higher than less efficient alternatives, you'll make back your investment quickly with higher, better-quality yields. And the investment keeps on paying dividends the longer you use your system in the form of lower maintenance costs, lower electric bills, and higher ongoing yields.

LED grow lights are the clear choice for serious growers. That applies to growers of of indoor vegetation of nearly any type. For almost 5 years Black Dog LED has set the standard for high-power LED grow lights, combining performance, design and innovation unmatched in the indoor garden industry. We are a 100% research-based company whose mission is to design the best indoor plant grow lights, outperforming all other types of HID, induction, plasma, fluorescent and LED grow lighting. We back all our claims with research and grow tests to ensure we never exaggerate, including coverage footprints.

All Black Dog LED lights come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so why waste your time and money on outdated technology when you can have industry-leading Black Dog LED grow lights and grow room accessories today?