What temperature should I run when using Black Dog LED lights?

It is very important to run your growing area warmer with our LED grow lights than with HPS, MH, CMH/LEC, fluorescent, or even white LED lights.

Because the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® generated by our grow lights is optimized for what plants use most efficiently, it does not warm up the leaves as much as HPS or even natural sunlight. You can read our full white paper on leaf surface temperature under our LED grow lights here. If the leaves are kept too cool, the plant won't metabolize as efficiently, and yields will suffer.

To ensure the best yields from your plants, we recommend keeping the ambient air temperature when the lights are on 9-10 °F (5-6 °C) warmer under our lights than you would grow with HPS or other lights.

For Cannabis plants, we recommend keeping ambient air temperature at about 85 °F / 29 °C while the lights are on if you are not supplementing CO2. For grow rooms with CO2 supplementation, we recommend 88 °F / 31 °C as the ideal ambient air temperature while the lights are on.

For the lights-off night period, our lights are not influencing the temperature of the plants at all, so you want to keep the same night temperature you would run with HPS or other lights.

For Cannabis plants, we generally recommend 65-70 °F / 18-21 °C as an ideal nighttime temperature, although toward the end of flower going cooler can be useful in bringing out coloration in some strains.

Often we get questions expressing concern that growing at higher temperatures will cause problems- please see the next FAQ regarding concerns about growing at higher temperatures under LED lights.