Are Black Dog LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum?

Yes, our grow lights provide complete coverage of the plant biological active radiation spectrum from 350 to 750nm, including UV and IR. Our Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® contains substantial amounts of UV light, deep blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, far red and infrared (IR), making ours truly full-spectrum lights. We do include more blue and red light than other colors because these are the colors of light that plants use most efficiently, but light from PhytoMAX-2 LED grow lights still contains enough yellow and green to appear white to the human eye. However, cameras still show a distinct purple tinge to our lights as they are not as adept at adjusting to light without a defined color temperature as our brains are.

Other LED grow lights using white LEDs advertise themselves as "full spectrum lights" when in fact they are missing UV and deep blue light, and often are deficient in far red and infrared (IR) light. White LEDs are designed for human eyes, not growing plants; they produce mostly green and yellow light, which our eyes see most efficiently, but plants don't use efficiently.

The Phyto-Genesis LED light Spectrum (purple) versus "full spectrum" white LEDs (gray):
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Black Dog LED Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®
Typical white "full spectrum" LED
Relative Photosynthetic Efficiency by Wavelength
Relative Spectral Sensitivity of the Human Eye (Lumen Weighting Function)

Our LED grow lights are designed to maximize plant growth while still appearing white to the human eye. Because our spectrum doesn't have mostly yellow and green light that heats up plants' leaves, you can run your growing area warmer with our lights and save up to 60% on cooling costs.