How high above the plants do I need to hang the light?

In order to allow the light to "spread out" and cover your entire growing area, it is important to have your Black Dog LED grow light the correct distance above the top of your canopy. Whether your plants are vegetatively growing or in flower, the correct hanging height is dictated by the size of the area you are trying to cover.

Keeping the light too close will cause the corners and edges of the light footprint to be too dim- and our PhytoMAX-2 lights are much more intense than some other LED grow lights that need to be kept only a few inches above plants- having our lights too close can cause "bleaching".

Please note that these are recommended heights and if you are reducing the light intensity to adapt plants grown under other lights, the heights should be adjusted accordingly. Increased grow light height above plants will decrease intensity and give a larger footprint, and hanging the light lower will increase intensity but decrease the footprint. Please call us with any specific LED grow light distance questions for your own setup.

To determine accurate LED grow light height for your situation, choose the correct model from our selection of PhytoMAX-2 Series LED Grow Lights and enter the size of your growing area here:

Light model:
Footprint width:
Footprint depth:
Not using a light mover
Using a light mover