How deep can our LED light penetrate plant canopies?

The simple answer is: deeper than any other grow light of the same wattage.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to exactly how deep our lights can penetrate for a very simple reason: every plant canopy is different. Light will penetrate an open, airy canopy better than a dense, full canopy with overlapping leaves. The leaves' size, shape, thickness, and orientation affects how deep light will penetrate, as well as the spacing of plants, number and spacing of branches, reflectivity of side walls, and many other factors.

There are two aspects to light penetration within dense plant canopies: light intensity and spectrum. If the light intensity is weak at the top of the canopy, it won't penetrate very deep. But in incredibly dense canopies, the spectral make-up of the light is equally important, as the light will need to go through many leaves on its way through the canopy. Photons with more energy to start with at the top of the canopy, such as UV and deep blue, can afford to lose more energy as they pass through leaves and still remain in the PAR region of the spectrum.

The raw LED light power of our PhytoMAX-2 lights, coupled with our Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® with UV and deep blue light, ensures that no matter the plant canopy, our lights will penetrate deeper over the entire growing footprint than any other grow light pulling the same wattage. Our power and spectrum combine to ensure that more photosynthetically-active photons get to the lowest leaves of your plants to nourish them, maximizing your harvest!