Larger Yield and Higher Quality versus HID

If you're thinking of making the move to LED grow lights and you've been shopping around, you've probably noticed that Black Dog LED lights are more expensive than traditional HID lights. And, you're probably wondering why. The truth is that the research we put into our lights, along with their power, specialized spectrum, and top-quality components are expensive.

But, why should you pay that extra cost when cheaper lights are available?
Two reasons to look at LED grow lights vs HPS lighting: Yield and Quality.


In order to produce high yields that will continually impress you harvest after harvest, Black Dog LED lights combine the highest power available with our proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™, which is the closest you can come to the perfect spectrum for growing plants. Thanks to this combination, we know that our lights produce the best yields you can find, but don't take our word for it! Check out the independent grow recently completed by the Heavy T Grow Show.

The Heavy T Grow Show had issued a standing challenge for any LED grow light company to provide lights for a head-to-head test against traditional HID (Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium) lighting. When we learned about the challenge, we immediately sent them our BD700-F grow light, positive that we would emerge victorious.

After 3 months and multiple on-air updates, the final results came in from the expert grower. The Black Dog LED grow light won the challenge by producing 5% more yield, while using much less power. And, the expert grower even stated, "I prefer consuming the fruit off the LED side, too."

But, what does a 5% increase in yield really mean to you?

Let's take a look at a practical example—an expensive crop that is grown all over the world, dried, and then sold at prices over $200 per ounce: saffron.

For the sake of this example, let's assume:

  • The usual yield from an old-fashioned 1000w HID is 24 oz.
  • The selling price is $200 per ounce.
  • The time to harvest is every 10 weeks.
  • You switch to growing with a Platinum XL (our replacement for a standard 1000w HID).

How does a 5% increase in yield affect your profit and loss of a business?

  • The additional yield from the Black Dog LED Platinum XL is 24 oz. X 5% = 1.2 oz.
  • Your additional profit is the 1.2 oz. x $200 = $240 per harvest.

Note, your additional profit is just that—pure profit, because LED lights require no additional work and will actually decrease your energy costs.

Thanks to the increased yield, our lights will actually pay for the cost difference between a Black Dog LED setup and an HID setup in less than 10 months. Here's how:

  • Black Dog LED Platinum XL Setup Cost: $1799
  • 1000w HID Setup Cost (includes 1000w HPS light bulb, reflector, ballast, and one fan): $900
  • Cost difference: $900
  • Total payoff through profit: $240 every 10 weeks ($240 x 4 10-week harvests = $960).

So, through higher yields, the Black Dog LED light has paid off the initial cost difference in less than 10 months!


Quality is a subjective measure, but we all know that a higher quality product commands a higher price. While yield alone will increase your profit, quality will drive it up even further and faster. Again, this is where Black Dog LED's proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ is a key component. Our spectrum is essential for the production of terpenoids, which give many different flowers, such as saffron, their amazing aroma and flavor. And, as terpenoids increase, so does quality!

Building on the previous example of saffron, let's say that you can sell higher quality saffron for $225, as opposed to $200, per ounce. Just so this scenario doesn't become too complex, we'll assume that everything else, including yield, is the same as saffron grown with an HID setup.

  • Regular Saffron Price: $200/oz.
  • Higher Quality Saffron Price: $225/oz
  • Number of Ounces: 24
  • Additional Profit per 1.5 lb. harvest ($25 X 24): $600
  • Total payoff through profit: $600 x 2 10-week harvests = $1200

Assuming a harvest every 10 weeks, the Black Dog LED light will pay off the cost difference between it and an old-fashioned HID light in less than 5 months. This is even faster than through increased yield alone! And, when you combine both quality and yield, Black Dog LED lights become much more affordable than traditional HIDs.

While we think you will agree that LED vs HPS traditional lighting is becoming less of a question based on the numbers above, there are many other ways in which LED lights decrease your costs (thereby increasing your profits) compared to HID lighting, including bulb replacement and energy expenses. For more information on these, please see this page about total cost of ownership.