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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?

At Black Dog LED, we think they are worth a lot. We also think there is nothing more mesmerizing than watching a plant grow using stop-motion photography.

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 800 vs. Kind K5-XL1000 LED Grow Lights - Part 2

Part 2 of a side-by-side Cannabis grow comparing the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 800 LED grow light against the Kind K5-XL1000, each in a 5X5 tent with 5 Blue Dream clones.

In this second video of the series we cover more of the test parameters, as requested by our viewers, and look at how the plants are developing through week 2 of flower. These lights were selected as each claims to be a replacement for a traditional 1000 watt HPS and to cover a 5X5 area for flowering.

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Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 800 vs. Kind K5-XL1000 LED Grow Lights - Part 1

In this side-by-side grow we compare the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 800 against the Kind K5-XL1000, each in a 5X5 tent with 5 Blue Dream clones.

These lights were selected as each claims to be a replacement for a traditional 1000 watt HPS and both claim to cover a 5X5 area for flowering. This first video of the series shows the initial setup and hanging of the lights in their grow environments as well as preparations for flowering.

Timelapse GroBox test system

Time-lapse video showing Cloudponics' GroBox, featuring our own PhytoMAX 200 LED Grow Light!

Best Commercial LED Grow Lights -- 10,000Watt -- Time-Lapse

This time-lapse documents a case study done by a commercial dispensary in the Denver metropolitan area comparing the PhytoMAX 800, the most powerful LED grow light at the time, to SE (single ended) and DE (double ended) HPS grow lights. The PhytoMAX 800 was later supplanted by the PhytoMAX 1000 as the most powerful LED grow light. In the case study the PhytoMAX LED grow lights yielded 15.36 pounds using 9600 watts compared to 13.4 pounds with 10,550 watts of Gavita DE and 12.24 pounds for 12,300 watts of ducted SE HPS. This video along with the case study proves that with the proper LED grow lights it is possible to yield more overall Cannabis and increase profits while still having a smaller energy footprint. For more information and to see all the data from the case study including ROI, please visit:

Cloudponics, the joy of growing your medicinal "tomatoes" at home

We're proud to introduce our partner, Cloudponics. Grow your own plants at home, and enjoy doing it! Why buy your "tomatoes" at an unknown source when you can grow your own that are better quality! Only Black Dog LED ensures the full Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® grows your "tomatoes" to the fullest extent.

200 Watt 7 Ounce LED Cannabis Grow

PhytoMAX 200 in 2.9 square feet (25" X 17") yields 7 ounces of top shelf Blue Dream. The 12 plants were cloned and immediately flipped once rooted for a true Sea of Green (SOG). The original goal with this tiny cabinet grow space was a quarter pound (112 grams) so the final 196 grams blew us away. Not only was the footprint very limited but the height for growing was also limited to 24 inches. This cabinet shows off some of the real-world benefits of Black Dog LED grow lights and proves that they can flower top shelf cannabis in spaces what were practically impossible to grow in, before LED. The proprietary Phyto-Genesis spectrum including UV from the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 200 truly shined in this test grow.

Best LED Grow Light Kit - Black Dog LED - PhytoMAX

Black Dog LED takes the guess work out of setting up an indoor grow by putting all the essentials together in one package. The base grow tent kits from Black Dog LED come with your choice of PhytoMAX LED grow light(s) and a high quality tent, as well as the ventilation fans, timers, thermostatically controlled outlets, and ratcheting light hangers you will need for the tent size. This kit allows you to get growing quickly and without hassles by packaging the best LED grow light and highest-quality growing accessories.

Kindled K5 XL1000 Spectrum Test

This video was shot by James S. Just another testament to why you shouldn't be fooled by imitators like KIND LED.Tested using a Sekonic c700 reviewed spectrometer. Results show unimpressive PAR readings and a lack of UV light. Tsk...tsk...tsk...

Best Aquaponic Grow Light

PolyGuarden explains why they have the best grow light available. This review was done on our previous Universal Series. The PhytoMAX series takes what we proved to work with the Universal series and builds upon it.

First 1000 watt HID vs. LED Grow Light Timelapse | Black Dog LED vs. Hortilux HPS Flowering MMJ

This is the first time-lapse documented side-by-side grow of a 1,000 watt traditional HPS against a LED Grow Light -- the Platinum XL Universal Series, the only single LED panel proven to match a 1000 watt HID. Watch the plants grow side-by-side, ounce-by-ounce, until the Black Dog LED Platinum produces more grams per watt of higher-quality buds than the Hortilux HPS.

Black Dog LED at the Cannabis Cup 2015

Black Dog LED attended the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Denver and had arguably the best booth at the show. We thought we'd share what the festivities looked like. Thanks to all of those that stopped by to see our LED grow lights and talk to us.

The Ultimate LED Grow Light Indoor Garden

At Black Dog LED we are passionate about gardening, especially indoor gardening with LED grow lights. We wanted to show visitors to our headquarters what our LED grow lights could do by creating the ultimate indoor garden. The garden in the Black Dog LED showroom is the best example of a high quality and well-designed indoor garden you will find in any grow light company office and possibly one of the best in the country. Our garden is an excellent way to see the our grow lights in action and see plants that have been grown exclusively under our plant lights from months and in some cases years. The most powerful LED grow lights available and the efficiency of our Phyto-Genesis spectrum allows us to grow tropical fruiting plants that are unable to fruit under any other lighting technology.

Black Dog LED Reports on the Impending Green Flu Epidemic!

Exclusive report covering the impending Green Flu. Don't be caught off guard, watch it now to learn the facts. Happy April 1st!

Black Dog LED R&D Time Lapse Tomato Grow MH vs LED

We recently completed another test of some of our lights agains HPS, specifically metal halide (MH). We will put the full report up on our site as soon as it is completed but what we found was in line with previous research. The LED provided a light source that minimized stretching of the tomato plant when compared to traditional HID ligthing. See for yourself...

Black Dog LED Grow Light in Boulder Hydroponic and Organic Center

Boulder Hydro wanted to put a Black Dog LED grow light in one of their tents to see how it worked. We added a stop motion camera for some tomato growing and hibiscus flowering fun. We are pleased to release the final video with a month of flowering and growth shown under the Black Dog LED BD700. Happy indoor gardening!

Black Dog LED Vs. HID Indoor Grow

Different lights going toe-to-toe in the Black Dog LED R&D Labs

Lettuce from starts under Black Dog LED BD450 - 30 day time-lapse

Watch as lettuce goes from starts to beautiful full lettuce that was displayed (and eaten) at the Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Show