For this Grow-Along we started with 4 different strains: 'Blackberry Fizz', 'Super Lemon Haze', 'Harlequin' and a mystery plant from a random seed. Follow along as we use a 4'x4' Complete Grow Kit with a PhytoMAX-2 1000 LED Grow Light from late veg through harvest!

Episode 1: End of Vegetative Growth, Transplanting

We started with various plants that had been sitting around in our veg area- for the named strains the plants were vegged for 6-7 weeks from clones, and the mystery plant had been started from a seed about 9 weeks earlier. Once the grow-along tent was available, we transplanted into 7-gallon fabric pots and gave the plants one week to settle into their new homes before flipping them into flower. For all the sharp-eyed viewers out there, we had a PhytoMAX-2 800 hanging in the tent for the first day, left in there from the last grow-along, before swapping out with a PhytoMAX-2 1000 for the remainder of the grow.

Episode 2: Flip into Flower

The plants have filled the 4x4 foot tent, so it's time to flip them into flower! We remove all the leaves on the first day of flower, which isn't even apparent 5 days later. By day 14 the flowers are really starting to show!

Episode 3: Second Defoliation in Flower

At day 21 of flower, we defoliate the plants again. While removing all the leaves from our mystery plant, we discover it is a hermaphrodite- it has some male flowers developing along with the much-more-obvious and plentiful female flowers! Not wanting to let it gets seeds in the rest of the crop, we have to toss the plant 3 weeks into flower- one of the hazards of starting plants from seed. We put the plants in their SCROG net to support them for the next 7 weeks of flower.

Episode 4: Middle of Flower

We check in on the plants as they continue to grow their flowers.

Episode 5: End of Flower and Harvest

After harvesting the plants, we dry the flowers and then weigh them up and get potency tests.

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