Why don't we use dimmers for LED lights?

Yes, many LED companies are offering grow light dimmers and the ability to switch off sections of your light to change how it is supposed to work. We have tried many different spectrums and actively changing these spectrums throughout the growing cycle. We have proven what the research tells us; that any major change in spectrum will cause plants to stall while they adjust to the new light.

We know the best scenario possible is to provide the perfect spectrum based on research and provide as much power as possible without waste. Why would you want to buy a sports car but shut off half the engine? Grow light dimmers mean you are using only part of what you paid for in terms of wavelengths and power, which is why we don't use them in our products. You are better off keeping the same spectrum and using 2 smaller lights or backing off a bigger one to avoid any shock to your plants from veg to flower.