Are there any differences growing under Black Dog LED lights compared to HPS?

Yes, there is one critical change you will need to make in your growing style to maximize yields under Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2® lights: keeping the ambient temperature while the lights are on about 10 °F / 5 °C warmer than you would with HPS. If you grow plants under our lights at the same temperature you would grow the plants under HPS, the leaves will be too cold and you won't get the full yield you should. Read more about ambient temperature here.

Another big difference is that plants will stay shorter and bushier under our LED grow lights than under HPS. HPS lights' spectrum causes a hormonal response in plants that induces them to "stretch" or grow longer stems than they would under natural sunlight. Our Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® does the opposite, encouraging plants to grow shorter stems and put more of their energy into growing leaves and flowers instead. The shorter, bushier plants that our lights grow will still yield as well or better than the lanky, floppy plants that HPS generates!